The “Nederlandse Vereniging voor Geïntegreerde Fysiotherapie (NVGF)” is a Dutch association on a mission to stimulate inter- and multidisciplinary cooperation and to build an international network to improve evidence based medical knowledge and develop comprehensive solutions to health challenges.


Mr. Peng Gao (Paul)
Physical therapist in Netherlands, has a deep insight into chronic disease management and rehabilitation model in Netherlands. Participated several elderly care projects in China and is currently working in the paramedical field in Europe.

Mr. David Werner(王大卫)
Business developer with specific interest in building bridges between Europe and Asia. Multiple years work experience in both western and eastern healthcare and multicultural business environments. Especially for the NVGF his mission is to introduce beneficial and proven Eastern healthcare and knowledge to the West and bring the Western paramedical techniques, knowledge and skills to the East.

Mr. Jingsi He (Hoggins)
Finance professional with more than 10 years experience in accounting, reporting, financial analysis and controlling in several Fortune 500 companies.

Senior Advisor

Dr. Yonggang Jin, PhD
Dr. Jin holds a PhD of biochemistry and is the inventor of human bio-information theory and vice-president of rehabilitation medical center of San Marino.

Geriatric Management & Care

Mr. Marcus Janssen
Healthcare Manager at Avoord elderly care and member of the congress commission the Dutch association of geriatric physical therapy (NVFG).

Chronic Pain Management Research

Ms. Yijun Li (PhD Researcher)
Physiotherapist and PhD researcher of “Chronic Pain Management” and “Pain Education”

Children Behaviour Management

Dr. Cha-Hsuan Liu
Dr. Liu’s teaching and research encompass disciplines such as Public Health, Youth, and Migration and Ethnic Affairs, among many other topics. She is one of the teachers of the Children Behaviour program that aims to advance the education and healthcare professionals’ knowledge on Child Behaviour – a universal matter across the world.

Neuro Rehabilitation

Mr. Frans van der Brugge
Neuro rehabilitation specialist 20 years of experience, owner of CNA revalidatie education center and Pluk rehabilitation center in Breda

Chronic Disease Management & Rehabilitation

Dr. Huawen Gan
Doctor of cardiovascular medicine. He has extensive knowledge on chronic diseases management.

Chinese Medicine & Herbal Treatment

Mr. Yang Yang
More than 15 years of experience with Chinese medicine and a general manager at an overseas subsidiary of Beijing Tong Ren Tang.

Diabetic Complication Management

Ms. Zhenzhen Guo
Member of NBCG YI in Netherlands, an expert on chronic diabetic complication management with 25 years of experience.

Social Media & Press (China)

Mr. Haifeng Wang
Representative of NVGF Nanjing office and editor of Jinling newspaper, manager of united technology, member of China federation of social media press.

Contact person for the NVGF Nanjing Office: Li Liu

Foreign Investments & Overseas Education

Mr. Ning Li (Kevin)
Representative and contact person of the NVGF Shenyang Office, expert of overseas education and educational job development. More than 20 years experience with overseas educational and project development.

Mr. Jiapu Li
10 years experience in financial and real estate industries. Experienced consultant on medical project and health project development.

Research Team – Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture

Mr. Yuan Su
Owner of Guoyitang acupuncture clinic &
first secretary of alumni oversea association of Shandong TCM university

Mr. Youwei Zhang
Owner of Silan Health Consult B.V.

Mr. Wu Wang
Acupuncturist of Veerkade Clinic