Comprehensive rehabilitation combined with human trace elements – NVGF goes further in the field of international health

In December 2020, NVGF officially signed a strategic cooperation agreement with China’s largest selenium-enriched industry consortium through its member unit zhong he lian cheng. NVGF focuses on international comprehensive rehabilitation and human health. Enshi, Hubei, China, has become a joint health base.


The symbol”se” of selenium was discovered by the Swedish scientist bevzelins in 1817 . In 1973 , the United Nations World Health Organization announced that selenium is one of the indispensable trace elements for humans, animals and plants, and was recognized by the World Health Organization as the “king of cancer.”

So far, selenium has been found to have the following effects: 

  1. Enhance immunity, prevent cancer, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, diabetes and other major diseases; 

2. Enhance the body’s rehabilitation function, regulate resistance and relieve pain; 

3. Reduce fatigue, regulates sleep and relieve mental stress; 

4. Protect eyesight; and more than ten significant functions. It can be effectively applied to comprehensive rehabilitation and medical care.


The role and efficacy of selenium have been widely recognized all over the world. In the United States, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved selenium in 2003 , allowing selenium as a nutrient, and marking its anti-cancer effect. In China, the role of selenium has been written into textbooks and used as medical textbooks for colleges and universities.


China Enshi known as “the world are selenium,” is by far the world’s only probe out independent selenium bed location, selenium ore reserves in the world, selenium ore storage capacity of 50 million tons. Selenium content of the region of all crops of corn, wheat, rice, up to 0.3 – 310.8ppm , Se-rich natural crop areas.


NVGF will work closely with China’s selenium-enriched health industry base to make more research and efforts in the field of international comprehensive rehabilitation and human health.