The “Nederlandse Vereniging voor Geïntegreerde Fysiotherapie (NVGF)” is a Dutch association on a mission to stimulate inter- and multidisciplinary cooperation and to build an international network to improve evidence based medical knowledge and develop comprehensive solutions to health challenges.

Cooperation Goals of NVGF with China 2021-2022

A part of NVGF’s mission is to stimulate inter- and multidisciplinary cooperation of paramedical healthcare professionals and to build international network. In the past years several agreements with Dutch (paramedical) healthcare experts and Chinese health-related institutes were signed with NVGF for knowledge- and training exchange programs in the near future.

Therefore NVGF’s the 3 international goals for 2021-2022 are:

  1. More joint physiotherapy science-related researches
    Organise and coordinate more joint physiotherapy science-related researches. The outcome can be used to enrich both countries’ physiotherapy methods, skills and knowledge. The knowledge and experience can also help the physiotherapists in China to have updated view on the international physiotherapy standards and developments.
  2. Exploring the integration of Chinese Traditional Medicine (TCM)
    By exploring ways to integrate the non-theoretical and practical parts of TCM with contemporary physiotherapy treatments and methods, practical effectiveness and applications can be discovered and confirmed. At the same time multidisciplinary work between e.g. acupuncturist and physiotherapist, can be improved for the effectiveness of the treatment procedures and methods.
  3. Customise and modify Western physiotherapy standards, methods and skills for the demand in the Chinese healthcare system
    By using the advantage of NVGF’s international character, the Dutch physiotherapy standards, hands-on and communication skills can improve meeting the demand in China for a better clinical regulation and clearer concepts. Of course these Dutch methods needs to be adopted into an already Chinese medical system. The physiotherapy profession is still under heavy development in China.